Muses d´inspiration

Muses were the Goddesses of inspiration for literature, science and the Arts in Greek Mythology.

Today as back then, artists and designers often gets inspiration from living “muses”, like friends, models, Style Icons, actresses etc. I have a few good friends that have been an inspiration like that. . .


Trine 5

Muses: Trine and Lisbeth, photos: John Frantsen

I am looking for a new muse here in Montreal. You have to be a confident woman with character, who is inspiring and wants to collaborate

Requirements are difficult to describe. . . it´s not only beauty I am looking for, but  radiation, confidence and personality. Your age is probably around 28-50 and your size 0-6. There is no salery involved, but of course there will be certain benefits, like clothes/ photos.

Are you my new muse or model for fittings and photo shoots or is it someone you know ? – don´t hesitate to contact me. We will have to meet up, to find out if there is a foundation for an inspiring collaboration.