Pièces d’automne

One-of-a-kind pieces, like the ones I’m currently working on, always takes time to do. Because I am doing it all myself, from designing/developing the idea to making the pattern, cutting the fabric, preparing and putting it all together.

This tailor-made Autumn jacket is made out of a very special fabric that I had in stock – a cotton blend with a bold flock-pattern/-technic. It’s about a size 8, if you should be interested.

I kind of like the different structure and pattern of the jacket and dress together. What do you  think about it ?

The story behind the dress is, that I saw the fabric a few years back in Denmark. It was to special to let go, so I bought it without knowing what to make of it.

Finally I decided to make this pretty simple, but elegant eveningdress with a similar asymmetric cut as the top-edge. It is about the same size as the jacket.