Bienvenue aux nouveaux Clients

C’est officiel, finalement. Bien qu’il ait été une longue transition, se déplacant du Danemark à Montréal, Québec.

Je suis très heureux de vous dire que ma résidence permanente est en ordre et que je peux commencer à travailler.

Si vous êtes nouveau sur ce site, s’il vous plaît jeter un oeil à la Menu et mes articles de blog jusqu’à présent, pour avoir une idée de ce que c’est tout.

Peut-être que vous avez du mal à trouver des vêtements dans votre taille, vous n’aimez pas le choix actuel ou avoir vos propres idées. Il me fera plaisir de vous aider, quelles que soient vos demandes ou vos besoins.

N’hésitez pas à me contacter, si vous avez des questions ou si  vous souhaitez prendre un rendez-vous, découvrons ce que je peux faire pour vous.


Inspiration from the Exhibition “Hartnell to Amies – Couture by Royal appointment” at The Fashion and Textile Museum, London 2013.

It is finally official. Even though it has been a long transition, moving from Denmark to Montreal, Quebec.
I am very pleased to tell you, that my Permanent residency is in order and I can start working.

If your are new to this site, please take a look at the Menu and my posts so far, to get an idea of what this is all about.

Maybe you have a hard time finding clothes in your size, you don´t like the current choice or have your very own ideas.
It will be my pleasure to help you out, whatever your requests or needs might be.

Feel free to Contact me, if you have any questions or set up an appointment and let´s find out what I can do for you.


Robe de Gala

C’est la robe que Maripier Morin aurait portée au KARV, l’anti.gala. Comme vu dans le magazine LouLou le 25 août 2015.

Quand j’ai vu ce tissu merveilleux, mon imagination a commence à travailler et je savais, je devais juste l’avoir. -Et ce qui était plus évident que de créer une robe d’été romantique?

La robe est bien sûr en son genre et fait d’un coton lourd, entièrement doublé et désossé, avec une couche supplémentaire de tulle pour la plénitude et sur la taille 4-6.

MariPier MorinRobe by John F. Clément, Styling: Patrick Vimbor, Photo: Shayne Laverdière.

This is the dress, that Maripier Morin would have worn at the KARV, l’anti.gala.  As seen in LouLou Magazine, August 25, 2015.

When I first saw this wonderful fabric, my imagination started working and I knew, I just had to have it. -And what was more obvious than creating a romantic summer dress ?

The dress is of course One-of-a-kind and made of a heavy cotton, fully lined and boned, with an extra layer of tulle for fullness and about size 4-6.

Robe de Mariée

J’ai toujours eu une préférence pour la conception simple. Parce que je pense que la femme devrait être le centre de l’attention, pas la robe. La robe devrait simplement améliorer sa personnalité.

Cette robe de mariée en deux morceaux, unique en son genre, est une combination de texture et serait parfaite pour un mariage de printemps ou d’été.

Le corset et fait de demassé de soie et entièrement désossé, doublé et lacé. La jupe et faite d’un tulle avec effet de fleur, est entièrement doublée est fini avec un dupion de soie. Cette robe est d’environ une taille 8-10 et est toujours disponible.


I always had a preference for simple design. Because I think the woman should  be the center of attention, not the dress. The dress should merely enhance her personality.

This one-of-a-kind, creme-coloured two piece wedding dress is a combination of textures and would be perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

The corset is made of silk-damask and fully boned, lined and laced. The skirt is made of a tulle with flower-effect, is fully lined and finished off with a silk-dupion. This dress is about a size 8-10 and is still available.

Design Danois à Montréal

We have a long and well known tradition for design in Scandinavia, particularly here in Denmark. The tradition was developed and established in the mid-20th century by various danish designers and architects, influenced by the German Bauhaus school.

The influence from that time keep on inspiring new generations of designers and architects. Because their hallmarks were functionality, innovation, simplicity, clean lines and good quality.

12-02-2010-00-48-23-990CrRo Still today, you can see classic Danish design in movies and read about them in fashion-, interieur- and design magazines worldwide.

I am looking forward to offer my vision and expertise in the area of made-to-measure Couture within that tradition, when I eventually move to Montreal later this summer.

Muses d´inspiration

Muses were the Goddesses of inspiration for literature, science and the Arts in Greek Mythology.

Today as back then, artists and designers often gets inspiration from living “muses”, like friends, models, Style Icons, actresses etc. I have a few good friends that have been an inspiration like that. . .


Trine 5

Muses: Trine and Lisbeth, photos: John Frantsen

I am looking for a new muse here in Montreal. You have to be a confident woman with character, who is inspiring and wants to collaborate

Requirements are difficult to describe. . . it´s not only beauty I am looking for, but  radiation, confidence and personality. Your age is probably around 28-50 and your size 0-6. There is no salery involved, but of course there will be certain benefits, like clothes/ photos.

Are you my new muse or model for fittings and photo shoots or is it someone you know ? – don´t hesitate to contact me. We will have to meet up, to find out if there is a foundation for an inspiring collaboration.

Traveaux en cours. . .

10-03-2011-16-01-14-814_edited-4Ensemble – asymmetric skirt and short jacket

Currently I am working on completing quite a few dresses at the same time. On top I bought new fabric, that I have cut already. Ideally I should concentrate on one at the time. Hopefully these posting will help me to stay focused, to finish them up one by one.

I am planning to offer these One-of-a-kind dresses, as they are completed. I´m excited to release them as soon as possible. They are all about a US size 6-8. Of course they can be made-to-measure upon request.

By entering your email below, you will be the first to know when a dress is completed.