De l’atelier

A Vintage corset

This historical inspired corset is made of a silk/-vintagedress  and therefor one-of-a-kind. I tried to align the flower-pattern at least one place in every seam.
It is lined with a grey silk-taffeta, boned with metal spirals and closed with lace.

If you should be interested, it is about a size 4-6. But to obtain a perfect fit, I recommend a Made-to-measure corset.




Historical inspired corsets and a top

I am always working on several things at the same time, because the ideas just keep coming. These three romantic pieces are some of the things, I have been working on for a while now.

There is two historical inspired corsets with lacing and boning and a top, for an empire-dress. They are about size 4-6, if you should be interested.


A romantic Wedding dress

The main thing I have been working on lately, is a wedding-collection, that eventually is coming together.

This wedding dress very romantic and it would be perfect for a spring-/summer wedding. The cut is pretty classic, but the nice embroidered fabric sets it apart, I think.

The dress is made out of dupion-silk and underlined with silk organdy and about a size 4 and european size 38, waiting for a real Romantic Bride-to-be, to be completed.




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