Traveaux en cours. . .

10-03-2011-16-01-14-814_edited-4Ensemble – asymmetric skirt and short jacket

Currently I am working on completing quite a few dresses at the same time. On top I bought new fabric, that I have cut already. Ideally I should concentrate on one at the time. Hopefully these posting will help me to stay focused, to finish them up one by one.

I am planning to offer these One-of-a-kind dresses, as they are completed. I´m excited to release them as soon as possible. They are all about a US size 6-8. Of course they can be made-to-measure upon request.

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La Vision créatif


My creative vision is a passion and a way of expression. To create clothes for the memorable moments in life, to create something extraordinary that has great value for people.

Working to create stylish clothes takes time though. I get through a creative process, from the idéa, design, patternmaking, cutting and fitting to executing the final product.

Generating the idéa is the creative part of the process. The planning of how to do it, is the theoretical part. Where as the execution is pure crafting.

To create a unique product from scratch, that is one-of-a-kind, is extremely satisfying. If you are tempted and want to know more, read all about the Process under Services.

Couture Vs Prêt-à-Porter

100_1944Picture from my 10th Anniversary exhibition.

Have you ever wondered, what the difference between Couture and Prêt-à-Porter  is ? What marks one from the other ?

A couture dress for example is usually a special commission and made-to-measure. It is adjusted more than once to obtain a perfect fit and executed to perfection in nice quality fabrics. It is an investment and will last longer.

This is a time consuming process and the price will reflect that. But you will end up with a unique dress, that is one-of-a-kind and will make you feel quite special.

If you get a dress like that made on order, the price will depend on what kind of dress it is, the cut, details, fabric and the way it is executed. Personally, I always prefer to agree on a price-range in advance.

Prêt-à-Porter on the other hand is of course cheaper, because it is standard-sized and produced on a larger scale  in Asia or eastern Europe for example, where the quality and salery expenses are much lower.

Except for the major fashion houses, Prêt-à-Porter is usually more affordable, but you will not stand out.

Are you intrigued? – read more under Services in the menu.