2015-16  Founded this blog and establishing my self in Montreal.

2000-16 Running my own business of Couture, Made to measure.

2010 Jubilee exhibition – Ten unique dresses, to celebrate my 10th anniversary, The Exhibitionbuilding for Art and  Design,  Odense.

2009 Made the Finale dress for the Charity fashion Show, “Breast, Art & Fashion” in connection with a Cancer campaign, at Grand Hotel, Odense.

“Hostess dresses” for the Drag-show,  “The Queen of the Night”, Odense.

Founded www .thecoutureblogproject.blogspot.com

Displaying dresses at Ladies Circle meeting, Odense.

2008 Displaying five dresses at Lifestyle Fair, The Castle of Valdemar 10-12 of May.

2007 Two weekend Workshops: “Haute couture in action” within the exhibition “H for Haute Couture”, at The Collection of Time, Odense.

Display of gowns at the stores Pianoteket and George Jensen Damask, Odense.

Costumes for the Drag-show, “The Queen of the Night”, Odense.

2006 Fashion show/participator, The Amphistage, Brandts passage, Odense.

Fashion show in cooperation with the shops “Hair” and “Jéantin”, Odense.

Costumes for the Drag-show “The Queen of the Night”, Odense.

2005 Costume exhibition, inspired by the Fairytales of H.C. Andersen in connection with the celebrations of his 200 anniversary, The City hall of Odense.

2004 Special assignment – Designing and executing a Wedding dress for the exhibition “Royal smoke” in connection with the Danish Royal wedding, at The Collection of Time, Odense.

2002–06 Teaching at various schools, Odense. Planning of design-exercises and teaching pattern-making, sewing-techniques, draping and fitting.

2002 Coorganizer of and participator in Wedding Fair at The Odd fellow Mansion, Odense.

2001 Participating in Fashion show at The Flower-festival, Lottrups Gaard, Odense.

Special assignment and full feature –  a unique wedding dress for The Wedding supplement of the newspaper, Fyns Stiftstidende.

2000 Participation in The Fashion & fusion Event – a Concept/Fashion show in The Ceremonial hall, City hall of Odense.

Shop opening, John Frantsen Couture, Overgade in Odense.

1999 Graduation display of fashion designs, The Exhibition-building for Art and  Design, Odense.

Graduates as a fashion designer/teacher from The Couture department at The College of Arts and Crafts, Odense.

1998 Participated in Danish Masterships for tailor- and fashion design students, Holmen, Copenhagen.

1996-99 Fashion-student at The Couture department, The College of Arts and Crafts, Odense.

1995-96 Teaching assistant at INDesign, Copenhagen. Instructor in how to use the computer in the fashion-industry. Photoshop, Pixel paint, Illustrator and CAD/CAM (Pad-system pattern).

Photos on display, Copenhagen Photoweek and at The Artists Autumn display, Copenhagen.

1993-96 Various Art exhibitions at The Gallery Project, Copenhagen.

1987-96 Photography, art and production of clothes for a private clientele.

1986 Fashion course at The Vocational School, Odense.