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A Charity show


Some years ago, I was asked to make the finale-dress for a Charity Show in support of a  breastcancer campaign called “Støt brysterne”/ “Support the Breasts”.
This was the result of my efforts. The dress was made out of 10 metre airy silk, 1 metre of dupionsilk and about 180 handsewn rhinestones. It took me about 30 hours to finish the dress.
The dress was auctioned afterwards to support the good cause.

Pink DSC_8110Model: Katrine Damgaard from Diva Models. Photos: Daniel Clément

A photo session

I was once co-organizer of and participator in a Wedding Fair that took place at the Odd fellow Mansion in Odense. We wanted to do a small and intimate Wedding Fair as an alternative to the big ones, where you often get lost.

In connection with that, I needed some studio photos of my dresses. Luckily one of the participating photographers offered me to take some photos at her studio, because she needed pictures like that, a win win-situation.

My dear friend, Trine, who had worked as a model, agreed to pose. Which she did quite good, as you can see in these  photos.

B Converted6_edited-1Ny



A Wedding fair

The actual dresses, that was displayed at the Wedding Fair is shown here.

The first wedding dress is a striped silk corset combined with a long skirt with a train.
The second dress is with mink in the front, lacing in the back and a train.
The third one, is a simple wedding dress adorned with transparent sequins and pearls and with a train.

B Scan-12_edited-1-1_edited-3Ny

B Scan-19_edited-1-1_edited-2Ny



Informal wedding dresses

Before my formal education, I attended a computer-course at INDesign in Copenhagen.

From my archive of projects I want to show you the result of my last assignment, a small informal and romantic wedding-collection. We had to use all the techniques and programs we went through for a Presentation.

This Collection contains five pieces, that can be combined in different ways. The pieces was made of a transparent cotton and a more structured polyester.

INDesign still exist today, if you need to learn or be upgraded about computer programs used in the fashion industry. But only as Online-courses.

B Scan-14_edited-1-1_edited-1Ny

B Scan-13_edited-3Ny




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